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I have now completed my “breakthrough” and feel like a new woman. My trauma symptoms have vanished!  I now have direction and purpose.  I live my life each day with energy and vitality.  I have re-engaged with old friends and family I had shut myself off from.  I think the most exciting outcome from my breakthrough was the discovery or rather, re-discovery, of just what I’m supposed to be doing with my life. So, I applied to, and was just accepted into College!  If it were not for Allen and Tara, I would still be at home, on my couch, haunted by my past and feeling lost and stuck.  I cannot begin to thank you enough!


Again, thank you, you’ve changed my life!


Traumas come in all forms and can be crippling to many who don’t know where to turn for answers, however our coaches are equipped to help gain trust, and create a safe space for dealing with many forms of trauma. It is important to our coaches to form positive healing and understanding of traumas.


As well as, coaching traumas we also coach clients with PTSD- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Our coaches help release traumas with love, support and dignity without painfully reliving the trauma itself for the client.


Using our NLP State Managements we address the traumas and help to resolve and heal the pain from previous experiences like abuse, bullying, and life altering crises. Our coaches learn about the importance of respectful connection between coach and client and always strive to heal pains that have plagued clients for months or years. No trauma is too big or small for our coaches. 

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