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Our pregnancy and birth coaches love what they do, they love helping women feel confident and ready for their pregnancy. Both pregnancy and birth can be an emotionally stressful event for both the mother and the baby our coaches help their clients become calm during the most stressful moments in their pregnancy.


Our coaches train their future moms calming NLP- State Management techniques to use during labour to aide in a successful birth for both mother and baby. 

Along with these NLP techniques our coaches clear traumas that may arise from previous births or negative beliefs surrounding birth and child bearing.

By becoming a pregnancy and birth coach you are helping women reach their fullest strength and potential during pregnancy and during birth. 



"Pregnancy is a time meant for joy and love.  Not a time for anxiety, fear and uncertainty.  There is nothing more uplifting than helping a woman calm her fear before birth or lift out of postpartum depression after birth so that she can enjoy the full wonder and magic of her baby."

Tara - Master NLP Coach & Birth Coach

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