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Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories (RTM)

"Thank you for the opportunity to share the impact and effectiveness of the therapeutic intervention, Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories (RTM). As a mental healthcare provider and owner of a Counseling Agency, it is our heart to provide patients with the highest quality evidence based services to assist them in their time of need.  I was introduced and strongly encouraged to participate in a training for the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in August of 2018 by a trusted physician in the community, that is an advocate for mental health services.  As a provider treating trauma, and particularly trauma among First Responders, I listened to her rave about the protocol.  After much consideration, we decided to open the training up to all our staff, effectively closing the Agency down for this training and it was life changing.  What we were able to experience in the training and later replicate in the Clinical setting has been tremendous.  It is highly effective for patients but also highly impactful for providers." - Amanda S. Davison, MA LMFT CEO, The Family Connection LLC

If you are a Licensed Medical Professional, Click here for RTM Research and Enrollment information 

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