A Brief History of NLP

Richard Bandler and John Grinder originally established Neuro Linguistic Programming in 1975. Their primary goal was to discover how certain individuals had become excellent communicators, and to create models of this behavior, which would then allow them to teach others how to be as just as effective. They initially studied Milton Erikson, Fritz Perls and Virginia Satir, along with many others who have contributed to its development over the years.

NLP has been used for years by health care professionals, athletes, construction workers, golf professionals, parents, actors, teachers, small business owners, students, lawyers, entertainers, educators, entrepreneurs, massage therapists, police, military, fire personnel, coaches, therapists, employers and employees, blue-collar workers, managers and salespeople, presidents, and prime ministers.

All of these people were in search of the same thing; to make their life better for themselves and the ones they loved. They were pursuing more success, to be happier, healthier, have better relationships, have more self-confidence and enrich their lives!

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