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Why be a

Health & Fitness Coach?


Our health and fitness coaches want their clients to reach their wellness, or sports goals and stick to them.


Our coaches are here to break limiting patterns of behaviours and beliefs that stymie the fullest potential in their athletes by equipping them with internal confidence in their skills and understanding of their sport or fitness goals. 


By breaking belief systems that create mental blockages or past decisions about skill level or effectiveness in their performance our coaches remove the trauma robbing their athletes of their success and goals.

Fully trained in all aspects of fitness we want to make sure we are in our athletes corner.



"  I have been using PACE with all my Breakthroughs, and all have been extremely successful. I love having a process to follow. There are so many tools available as an NLP practitioner, it is hard to keep track of them all, or know which one to use and when. The PACE program makes it simple. Everything is laid out for me. I also find it looks super professional, that I have a process to follow. When we do the second ZTPI test, at the end, clients can never believe how far they have come. It's an excellent tool to prove their success!”


- Eleni, a Holistic Fitness Transformation Specialist 

and Inspired Outcomes Graduate

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