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Getting through tough roadblocks and reaching the other side is what our coaching staff does for their clients. We want to break down those walls and find the true calling of our clients.


Our training helps to equip our coaches, and their clients, by unlearning past behaviours that create issues or walls in life. By taking down these barriers and removing roadblocks that can stand in the way of a clients fulfillment in life, they are able to employ focus, quality workplace and relationship performance, and therefore, have success past their roadblocks.  


Our coaches utilize  NLP State Management practices to unleash break throughs our clients want and need in all aspects of their lives and relationships.

"I attended the PACE course offered by Inspired Outcomes in October, 2017 and found it offered an integrated and succinct approach to my existing NLP, Timeline and Hypnosis training and knowledge which has allowed me to take my client offerings to a new level.   Due to the methodology that Allen and Tara have put together,  I feel absolutely confident and capable of delivering breakthroughs in a manner that is efficient and effective and that delivers the maximum amount change and wholeness.  The client modelling of pre and post breakthrough is a convincer that supersedes anything currently offered in the field of coaching.  If you are an NLP and Timeline practitioner or coach and if you are interested in perfecting your approach to breakthroughs, I highly recommend the PACE course."

Karen Spencer

Trainer of NLP, Master Practitioner TLT and Hypnotherapy

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