Why train at Inspired Outcomes?

unimaginable personal and professional change

I am a registered clinical social worker with a background in psychiatry, EFAP counselling, Critical Incident Response and private practice.  In my practice, I was always a little perplexed by the varying degree of success clients had in achieving the change they want despite their best efforts.  In 2016, I heard Tara Kanerva speak at a networking event about the work she does using NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis and I was intrigued.  I saw this as possibly the answer for those clients who work hard but remain stuck in old patterns.  After speaking with Tara, I decided to take the NLP Practitioners Fast Trak training.  Not only did it change my life at a personal level but it changed my practice and the lives of my clients in ways I never imagined possible.  Personally, I was able to successfully clear issues that I had tried many times to resolve in traditional therapy without full resolution.  Professionally, I am now able to help clients resolve complex issues far more quickly than with conventional therapeutic methods and clients consistently report that there were able to resolve issues and achieve change that they were never able to accomplish with past counselling/therapy.  I highly highly recommend this training for counsellors and therapists.  Your clients will thank you.


- Vicki Sydor, MSW

Why choose inspired outcomes?

"I had no intention of taking this training. My plan was to sit and putt around while my wife took the course.  On day one of the course, my wife approached me during the first break and proclaimed she had "learned more about herself and others in the first 2 hours" than she had in any other setting. On a whim, I decided to partake. This course changed my LIFE while I was taking it. Before the course, I was very uncomfortable being in groups and with public speaking in any setting.  Midway through the week, I had an opportunity to record a podcast, and did.  It just hit me - WOW! My confidence went through the roof because I was able to jump in and record without any thought or reservation. I was just so natural.  The next day during class, I stood up and spoke in front of EVERYONE.  I am now unstoppable.


-Todd Milsaps - Business Owner 

Expect the Unexpected..


Our Training Programs


This unique NLP Practitioner Certification process gets you started right away with the pre-study on audio. You listen at your own pace, train and finish your course of study. You will have ample opportunity at the training to work on your 'stuff' while also learning the skills of NLP and Time Line Therapy®.



The NLP Master Practitioner incorporates the technology or Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy, and NLP Coaching. It will take your NLP Practitioner skills to a new level!


Investing in PACE™ "Protocols For Achieve Coaching Excellence" Training will create confidence within you as a coach and refine your skills to become certain in your ability to move and guide your clients through a personal breakthrough!

We will equip you with a deeper more meaningful NLP and TLT® tool set. ​

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